Frequently Asked Questions

Where will games be played?
Games are played on Saturdays.  Spring games are played at Jouett Elementary School, and fall games are played at Trevilians Elementary School.

How long is the soccer season, and when does it begin?
LASA's soccer seasons are designed to last eight weeks.  One makeup day is built into the schedule for possible inclement weather.  

When will I find out my child's team?
LASA creates new rosters each season from scratch.  We try to assign players to teams based on geography and practice times whenever possible; since Louisa is a large county, we try to place players on teams that practice near them.

How are coaches chosen?
LASA coaches are all volunteers who offer their time for the enjoyment of the players and their families.  We are grateful for their dedication and support and strongly encourage all parents to coach or assist.  We would not have a league if it were not for your effort.  Parents can volunteer during the registration process.  As player registrations are received each season and we learn participation numbers, we create teams and accept or solicit coaches and assistants for each team.  This typically occurs shortly after the end of registration, or about a month before the season begins.

When and where are practices held?
Since coaches are volunteering their time and energy, practice days and times are determined by the individual coach.  Most teams practice at either Trevilians Elementary or Jouett Elementary, though a couple of teams practice at Moss-Nuckols Elementary.

Why aren't the referees adults?
We believe strongly that the referee experience offers an opportunity for children to learn valuable life lessons doign what is often their first job.  By training and using non-adult referees, LASA keeps costs (and thus registration fees) low while also teaching skills that they can take with them later in life.  Many of our referees have continued the skill as they head off to college and beyond.