Welcome to LASA

The Louisa Area Soccer Association is a youth soccer league in Louisa County, Virginia serving youths aged 4 to 18.  LASA advances the mission of recreational youth soccer in the county and partners with national, state, and local organizations to encourage participation by children.  Our goal is for players, parents, coaches, and referees to have positive experiences.

LASA is an all volunteer organization. Parents typically serve as coaches. No coaching experience is required. Everything you need to know will be provided including training material, practice guides and all equipment.

LASA is always looking for Referees. Referees do not need to be certified to ref in a recreational league. They must be 12 years of age before the start of the season and attend a LASA Referee training clinic to help prepare for the season. LASA referees are typically players and/or siblings of LASA players. 

The 2023-2024 Recreational Soccer Season groups players by their age as of December 31, 2023.  LASA age groupings for the Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Season are:

LASA 2023-2024 Age Divisions
Birth Year(s) Age Division
2019 U5
2018 U6
2017 U7
2016 U8
2015 U9
2014 U10
2012-2013 U12
2011-2010 U14*
2009-2006 U18**








*Player division may be combined but ONLY in the U14 and U18 age division

**U18 division is based on player participation and must have a minimum of 14 players to play. 

Age Groups are set forth to ensure player safety and is a violation of VYSA rules for any player to play in an age division outside of their specific group. Players can not play in a lower age group regardless of player experience nor can a player play an older age group if they are more than 1 year younger than that age group.